Lee Nakasone
All things Big Time Rush related. I will also have random posts about other of my favorite celebs/athletes... ;)
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"Art of Moving On" Just a snip :) #hdwintertour #Phoenix Enjoy!! -via @kendallschmidt [x]

"Let It Snow" #chicago #hdwintertour -via @kendallschmidt [x]

"Target Practice Part III" YEAH!!! Filmed by: @JJTiberio #Pittsburgh #HDWinterTour #HungerGames #IWouldWin -via @kendallschmidt [x]

"Target Practice II" Ohhh Snap! Filmed by: @JJTiberio #hdwintertour -via @kendallschmidt [x]

"Target Practice" You can take the boy out of Kansas, but cant take the Kansas out of the boy! I still got it! Filmed by @JJTiberio #HDWinterTour #pittsburgh -via @kendallschmidt [x]

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